Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bad Mommy!!

I feel like a bad mommy because I have been neglecting my blog. I guess when our computer crashes on you it makes everything go haywire. I have some tatting to share but I want to wait until I send then to my tatting swap partner in Oregon.

What can I say she is absolutely wonderful. She tatted me a seahorse which I fell in love with the minute I saw it. I also received strawberry jam and apple butter from her which made me smile a mile wide. The writer in me loves the information sent about the state in which she lives. I mean I feel so bad I am still working on my things for her but I am determined to mail them out the beginning of the week one way or another.

You the saying about you never know who you may have touched and I must say she has been a blessing. I don't intend to be bad mommy anymore because I love sharing on my blog so I am happy I am back in business.

Until next time. Happy 4th of July!!!

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