Friday, June 13, 2014

Just Tatting Away

Well I have been trying new things along with working on my Renulek Spring Napkin. I made a few little butterflies and I trying to make a barefoot sandal again. I ordered a couple of books and some more shuttles. I am finding that I like a bit bigger shuttle. I don't know why but I just do. So I now own a couple of Moonlit and a couple more Starlit. I also now have Jon Yusoff's book Tatting with Rings which I was so excited about getting. In addition, I ordered Tatting Hearts by Teri Dusenbury.

I started on of the patterns in Tatting with Rings called Teratai. I love the pattern. It is pretty simple to do. I did make my own little adjustments because I wanted to create the barefoot sandal. I am going to make some earrings that will match it.

This is what the sandal looks like so far.

I just need to add the parts that go around the ankle.. I am loving how it is looking so far.

Here are the butterflies I made using a pattern Handy Hands included on the package of my Moonlit shuttle.
These are just so cute. I am going to make some earrings and a bracelet for my daughter. Since they are so quick I am trying to get a few of these together to make for a group of girls I will be teaching needle tatting to. Just so much fun. I can't get enough of tatting.

Need to get some packing and laundry done. Have a Happy weekend.

For all the Fathers out there Happy Father's Day.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Minor Norwegian Dragon

Well I decided to try the Minor Norwegian Dragon by Anne Bruvold. I can do a single shuttle split ring with no problem but for some reason I keep having problems trying to get split rings together. I am determined to make it work though.

This pattern is a challenge for me because I seem to be getting confused quite often but I am going to get through this as well. I am trying to build up what I can do. I can follow diagrams so a point but doing the word chart has been difficult for me. I have to read something two or three time to make sure I get it right. I think my brain is just wired to see things one way and reading the chart has been forcing me to look and make sure I am getting it right.

Now with the dragon I have the body done but I am going to have to restart the wings because I messed up but I am okay with that. This way I know where and why I made the mistake and I can move forward. I am going to make this dragon and I was thinking of putting it on a pillow. I haven't decided just yet but whatever I do I know that I will like it in the end.

This is what he looks like so far:

I think he looks pretty good for my first time trying to make it happen with this pattern.

I am also thinking about what can I do for my exchange. I want to really give my partner something that comes from my heart. I have been batting about several ideas but I am not sure which one I will do. We shall see what happens.

Have a good weekend and happy tatting.