Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I have been working on a pattern called Arches by Marliee Rockley. So far I am loving the pattern. It is pretty easy to do. I have about two more rows to finish and I can get it together to send to my tatting swap partner in Oregon. I can't wait to send it because it is turning out so pretty.

I am using size 20 Lizbeth thread color 129. The only thing that confused me at first about the pattern was it had 13 p between 2 ds. That kind of threw me for a loop but I was able to figure out what it meant. Sometimes having those palm on face moments can wake your brain up.

Here is what it looks like so far.

I must say since I learned how to hide my ends better I don't mind cutting and tying so much any more. I can remember in the beginning I hated to cut and tie because I had so many problems hiding my ends. I love tatters all over because they can come up with some amazing techniques that help make the process a wonderful learning experience.

I am hoping to have this finished in about a week or so and I am going to work on a dragonfly by Patricia Ann Rizzo from her book called The Gentle Art of Tatting Things We Love. I want to do the dragonfly for a past co-worker who lost a love one. I figured I would do it and put it on a card that I made.

I know I am no where near completing the 25 motif challenge for the year but I am certainly getting my motif counts up. Maybe one of these days I will be able to complete the challenge. That is something to look forward to.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

My Carrying Case

I have been using just about anything I could get my hands on to carry my UFO around in and of course I go to Walmart and find the perfect little case. I actually found two but I had to chose which actually caused me to have a bit of a pouty face.

I walked away with a little black pencil case that is the right size. It has a little pocket to keep my shuttle in and a place to hold my scissors. I just love it. I even decorated it to fit my personality. Tehehe. Nothing like having something to call you own.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Computer Crashed

Well just when I was getting back into the swing of things what happens. My computer crashes. I am thankful though because I managed to back up my files on my external hard drive. I just wanted to feel depressed because that was not an expense I was looking forward to.

Now I am back up and running and hopefully I can get back into the groove. I am still working on a few pieces, one of which I am trying to finish up for my tatting swap partner. I did finish some of the things I wanted to send out to her.

I am also having fun making my shuttles more personal. I had bought some stickers that I really liked and decorated them with it and added some of my own flair to them.

This is what I purchased from Nagstudio on Etsy. This will be my first time using hand dyed thread aka HDT and the new shuttle was a little gift to myself.

These shuttles I decorated for my tatting swap partner. I am hoping that she likes them. One is painted and has stickers the other I used fabric to cover it.

Since I am also into jewelry making and the like I decided to tat up some butterflies and put them on this box. I did the tatted heart in the middle as well. I used resin to seal them into place. 

This what I received from my tatting partner. I love everything that was sent to me. I also received some apple butter and jam from her. I can't wait to taste both.