Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Almost a year now!!

About a year ago, I wanted to learn how to tat. I wasn't sure really what it was but I started looking to find all the information I could about it. I love to bead but I wanted something that I could take with me on the bus to work besides reading a book.

I started out trying to use a shuttle and became frustrated. It seemed no matter how hard I tried it just would not work for me. I went to using a needle and that was fine for a while.

You see I am a bit of a perfectionist so it just didn't seem like my double stitches (ds) were flowing the way I had seen them in different patterns. Well it was back to trying the shuttle again.

Now the expression your way may not be my way is the truth. I just couldn't get the flip going using the traditional pinch method. I changed how I held the thread for the pinch and as the saying goes "the rest is history.

This way works better for me. I am still not the faster tatter but I make do and I am to get through a project on my own terms.

Tatting is not a lost art form it just needed individuals who love it. People like me. I am almost finished one doily I have been working on and I have started Renulek's Government Napkin. I will post my progress. For now here is my version of the pinch. :)